Dear Railway Transport Company Breaks Record: TIR Refrigerated Trucks Transport 133000 Flowers from China to Moscow

Dear Railway Transport Company Breaks Record: TIR Refrigerated Trucks Transport 133000 Flowers from China to Moscow

Jul 09, 2024

      On July 8, 2024, an innovative flower transportation business was realized for the first time in China. Through the TIR direct truck of Dear-Railway Transport Company, a total of 133,000 flowers of 25 varieties were transported from Moscow, China. The transportation distance was more than 10,000 kilometers and took a total of 9 days, which became an impressive feat.


      This is the first time in the country that TIR refrigerated trucks have been used to transport flowers from China to foreign countries. TIR (Convention on the International Carriage of Goods by Road) is an international transportation standard. This standard uses truck transportation to achieve the goal of not unloading or handling goods during the entire transportation process, reducing logistics links and improving transportation efficiency. The use of refrigerated trucks provides an ideal environment for long-distance transportation of flowers, keeping the flowers fresh and high-quality.


      This transportation not only involves a large number of flower varieties, but also requires strict control of temperature and humidity throughout the transportation process to ensure the quality and freshness of the flowers. Dear-Railway Transport Company demonstrated its outstanding professional capabilities and technical strength in this transportation and provided a reliable solution for flower transportation.


      This transportation is of great significance to China's flower industry. As one of the world's largest flower producers, China has always faced challenges in logistics and transportation when exporting flowers. The use of TIR refrigerated trucks provides new possibilities and options for China's flower exports. Through this successful transportation practice, China's flower industry will further expand its export market, enhance its competitiveness, and create more profits and opportunities for domestic flower farmers.


      In addition, the success of this transportation business has also laid a solid foundation for trade cooperation between the two countries. The flower trade between China and Moscow will further deepen the economic ties and friendly cooperation between the two countries. This is a mutually beneficial victory for both China and Russia, and also demonstrates China's strength and innovation in the field of international trade.


      In the context of global economic integration, effective international cargo transportation is an important support for the development of cross-border trade. The TIR refrigerated truck flower transportation business, which was first realized by Dear-Railway Transport Company, not only opened up a new way out for China's flower industry, but also injected new vitality into international trade. It is believed that in the future, similar transportation modes and cooperation methods will be more widely used, bringing more convenience and opportunities to flower trade around the world.

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