A new choice for cross-border logistics - Dear-Railway Company Launches TIR Truck service

A new choice for cross-border logistics - Dear-Railway Company Launches TIR Truck service

May 14, 2024

      On May 14, 2024, Dear-Railway Transportation Company took an important step and successfully obtained the cross-border transportation license issued by the Ministry of Transport of China. As a professional transportation service provider, Dear-Railway Company has been committed to providing customers with efficient and reliable logistics solutions. In addition to the original China-Europe train transportation business and domestic truck transportation business, they are now moving towards the international market and opening up truck transportation business from China to Russia, Belarus, Central Asia and Europe.

      In the current environment of shortage of rail and sea shipping positions and rising prices, the emergence of Truck has injected new vitality into international trade. TIR (Treatment on International Road Transport) Truck transportation is a fast and reliable way of transnational freight transportation, using trucks as carriers and utilizing the international highway network for transportation. Its advantages include short time, strong flexibility and high transportation efficiency, which can meet customers' needs for quick delivery of goods.

      To launch TIR Truck service for the first time, Dear-Railway Company chose Zhengzhou, a logistics center city in China, as its starting point. On May 14, they welcomed the departure of the first direct TIR truck, destined for Moscow, the capital of Russia. According to the plan, the truck will arrive in Moscow in eight days to provide customers with fast and reliable cargo transportation services.

      As a professional multinational logistics and transportation company, Dear-Railway Company focuses on cooperation with all parties to provide more comprehensive services. They have in-depth cooperation with Jilin Hunchun Bank to provide Russian ruble payment services and contribute their own efforts to solve the problem of payment difficulties in Russia. This cooperation will provide customers with more convenient and secure payment methods and further improve the quality of transportation services.


      The development of cross-border logistics and transportation is a complex and challenging field, but Dear-Railway Company provides customers with a full range of solutions with its professional team and rich experience. By launching TIR Truck services, they will continue to support international trade and promote the leapfrog development of the logistics industry.


      In short, with the launch of TIR Truck service by Dear-Railway Company, cross-border transportation will usher in a new choice. Through their efforts and professional services, truck transportation from China to Russia, Belarus, Central Asia and Europe will be more efficient and reliable, creating greater value for customers. The progress of Dear-Railway Company will further promote the convenience and development of international trade and build a smoother bridge for global business cooperation.

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